Hertz Re-Designs And Reinvents

In a continued effort to streamline the rental experience and improve the way consumers rent cars, The Hertz Corporation (NYSE:HTZ) is re-designing,We carry a extensive line of Parking Lot Lighting inventory. updating and unveiling its locations worldwide. The transformed locations are a complete rethinking of what a car rental location and experience should be as the Company unveils "Road Trip by Hertz" retail stations located on-site that allows travelers to access everything they would need for business or leisurely travel. Travelers now enjoy concierge style service inside Hertz's facilities with a streamlined rental experience that eliminates the need to wait in line, have access to an an iPad station for researching local area information and to recharge their mobile devices, and can make use of printing and FedEx services on-site which add value to the experience, making it faster and easier. Hertz has started unveiling modernized locations around the globe, which to-date include its rental facilities at San Diego and Shanghai Airports, its Marble Arch location in central London and its Melbourne, Australia headquarters, with more transformations planned for additional airports and neighborhood locations throughout the year.

"Hertz's goal is to provide the lifestyle experience traveler's desire when on the road," commented Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark P. Frissora. "We are consistently listening to our customers and implementing solutions to meet and exceed their needs. In addition to offering the best fleet on the road, we are also planning to expand this new customer experience format to all of our global locations by 2015. Since we unveiled the first redesigned locations, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Specific sustainable construction and design highlights include LEED certification at select sites, the use of LED and energy efficient lighting, solar power systems and solar outdoor lighting at select sites, post-consumer recycled content materials and finishes, water saving fixtures and zero-VOC paints. In conjunction with renovation projects, Hertz is rolling out a national single-stream recycling program in addition to current recycling efforts around automotive waste oils and tires. Other Hertz Living Journey sustainability program outcomes include production of 2.5M kWh of solar energy annually and sustainable mobility solutions. More than 75% of the company's fleet averages 28+ MPGs and the Green Traveller Collection offers a variety of alternate fuel vehicles, including Electric Vehicles, Clean Diesels,How does a solar charger work and where would you use a solar charger? Compressed Natural Gas vehicles and hybrids.

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