Buying an electric scooter? Check out this guide. wanna buy an electric scooter eh. You've come to the right place. You're immediately going to see the increase in convenience and the decrease of transportation expenses. Not to mention having tons of fun.

Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your new investment, and see you on the streets of Beijing!

1. Buy for comfort
Wether this is going to be your main mode of transportation, or just something fun to use in the weekend, you're going to want to use it more if it's comfortable.

Check out the various body styles and frames to see which ones suit you the best. If you're a shorter rider, than look for the Honda Ruckus style (left) of electric scooters, or maybe the mini turtle for the female riders. This will provide a lower seat position and a lower center of gravity to help shorter riders balance during stops.

Next up is seating position. Just like a motorcycle, there are many types of seating positions and handle bar positions. Wide bars, narrow bars, drag bars, etc. Find the position and style that works for you. Usually, the various body styles come with set bars, but they can be changed so they are more comfortable for you.

Most importantly, get out there and test-fit some of these body styles. Don't worry about power, or battery configurations yet. Just test to see how comfortable it is for you. If it's not comfortable, you're not going to ride it.

2. Buy for distance
How far is your commute?
Where do you go in a typical day?
How many miles do you cover before you get to a recharge point?
Are you allowed to recharge a battery at your office?

Evaluate all the above questions and figure out how much distance you'll need to cover before a recharge.
If you go a pretty signification distance, look for Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery packs. They're lighter and smaller, but more expensive.
If you need to keep costs down, double up on SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, such as 48v, 60v or 72v, 30-40ah.
If you will recharge at work, make sure they're removable and light, such as 2x 24v, 20ah battery packs (right), so you can bring them in one in each hand.

3. Finally, buy for power
This part is the easiest of them all. Just like car racing, power (speed) is proportional to how much money you want to put in. Same thing with China Segway.

If you have found an e-scooter style that you like and that fits you comfortably and have calculated that your commute is realistic when it comes to an e-scooter, then power is the most power you can afford; you'll thank yourself in 6 months' time.

Keep in mind that these speeds are all at full charge, so you only get about 15 mins at this speed. On average expect speeds about 10% slower than the listed above for realistic daily riding.

Well, there you have it, a few tips on preparing to buy an electric bike or electric scooter. Please leave a comment if you think this guide has been helpful...

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